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A) Although these products may be Chometz free, North American does not certify any products for passover unless there is an on site Mashgaich.
B) If there are extenuating health issues, they need to be addressed by your Rabbi on a case by case situation.
D.E. products are completely dairy free, but are produced on lines that also produce heated dairy products.
D.E. ice cream may be served after a meat meal on clean plates.
Dairy statements from the company are there for legal and liability requirements.
The Flag-K are registered trademarks of North American Kosher. Color does not affect the Kosher status.
Both Flag-K marks are kept to the same high standard of kosher products. The plain Flag-K dairy is always chalav Yisrael, the Striped Flag-K dairy may be chalav Stam or chalav Yisrael.