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Community based Retail Kashrus Supervision

North American policy from the start has been to work to the highest common standard of Halacha and thus assure kashrus certification and acceptability throughout the Jewish community of North American certified retail establishments and food service operations. North American certified products are accepted by rabbis and kosher agencies both here and abroad.

Regional and International Industrial Kashrus Supervision

In the course of North American Kosher pursuing its mission to be the premier kosher certification agency on the west coast, North American’s rabbis  and field representatives may travel worldwide wherever required to certify ingredients. North American certifies products produced throughout the United States as well as in plants throughout the world. North American also works with local Rabbis to supervise production, streamlining costs to the client and ultimately, the consumer.

Rabbi Aharon Simkin, was the Rabbinic Administrator of the Industrial Division of Kehilla Kosher/ Igud Hakashrus of Los Angeles.
He has an extensive background in industrial and Food Service kosher supervision. He previously served as Regional Coordinator for the Kashrus Division of the Orthodox Union (OU) and as the West Coast Regional Coordinator for Kof K Kosher Supervision. He was previously the Rabbinic Administrator of the Vaad Ha-Ir of Los Angeles. Rabbi Simkin also serves the community as Rabbi Emeritus of the Young Israel of Northridge, California.

North American Kosher Supervision LLC
was created as a West Coast based kosher certification agency dedicated to serving kosher consumers and kosher food manufacturers. Our goal is to provide reliable kosher certification in a clear and straightforward manner at a fair fee. We have the experience to certify anything which can be reliably kosher certified and small enough to provide personalized service. We have a network of Rabbis and kosher supervisors worldwide, with special expertise in the North American West.