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North American Kosher is a west coast based kosher food certifying agency. If you are interested in expanding your kosher consumer base and are looking to be certified as meeting kosher standards recognized nationally and worldwide, please click here to complete the online application. Upon Receipt of your application, one of our staff members will contact you to further discuss the application process.

Kosher Certification

Kosher certification is the process where a company requests a Rabbi or kosher supervision agency to verify and inspect and then certify their facilities and processes and products to insure compliance with the Jewish Dietary laws found in the Bible and rabbinic texts. North American Kosher Supervision strives to make this process as clear and as simple as possible for the food production manufacturers and marketers while insuring complete adherence to the kosher laws.

Refers to foods made from milk or containing milk derivatives or milk based ingredients. Eggs are NOT considered dairy unless there is milk or a milk ingredient added to the eggs. Kosher milk must come from kosher animals such as cows, sheep, goats or deer. Chalav Yisrael refers to milk which has been Jewishly supervised from the time of milking through processing through packaging. Regular dairy kosher supervision in North America begins in the milk production facilities and relies on governmental supervision for the milking at the farms to insure compliance with the kosher laws.

Refers to “Neutral” foods which have no meat (beef, poultry, lamb, etc.) and no milk ingredients. Fish is considered to be pareve.

Refers to Dairy Equipment: items labelled D.E. reflect food which consists of all pareve ingredients, but the cooking equipment it is processed on also processes dairy (milk) items. There has been a good cleaning of any residue, but no Rabbinically supervised Kosherization of the equipment. This is important because most Rabbis allow Jews to eat DE processed food immediately after eating meat without any waiting period after the meat.

The above terms:
Dairy, Pareve or DE are added to the kosher logo on the labels of kosher certified food. Since the Bible forbids mixing milk and meat, this allows Jewish consumers to more easily follow the kosher dietary laws without resorting to reading ingredient statements and calling the companies for more information. It also assists Vegetarians, Vegans, Seventh Day Adventists and Muslims follow their own dietary restrictions. And it assists those who are allergic to lactose or milk.


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